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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crit Comments

Comments for other members of my thesis crit group 
During Sasha's critique I suggested using white glitter, if some pieces are gold and some are white, and how to maybe tie those two together. White glitter could be a strong adherence to the use of the strong gold, gaudiness but the whiteness of the glitter could still be subtle enough that it wouldn't be overpowering and might not be as tacky. Also, we discussed using fur on some pieces or as external materials for how the pieces can sit in the gallery. Flemington Furs in Flemington, NJ has a discounted fur store across the street, where all furs are used and can be found at a very reasonable price. This might be a good place to find some materials.
I was wondering through out the crit whether graphic design is going to play into the thesis piece or not. It does not have to just because it is his concentration, but I am curious if graphic design could play a key role in laying out the drawings or in constructing any text. I really found a lot of Eduard's ideas to be interesting and compelling, but I feel as though he is deciding to focus without looking at all ideas and their benefits. I was interested in the idea of fixing things, and people being taught again how to repair things so that there is less waste. I think that this concept can still be put into the broader idea that he has of showing how things are made and then how they are thrown away. While drawings of the step by step process can be informative, they did not seem to draw me in; I personally felt I already knew these generalized processes and movements towards the garbage heap. Using a direct quote or a very specific product could reign in the drawings and have people become more interested.

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